Under the Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess
Sumaya bint El Hassan

Arab Advisors Group’s “5G Summit”

Arab Advisors Group’s 17th conference Tuesday June 6, 2023 at The Ritz-Carlton hotel - Amman

5G technology, the great enabler of massive change for businesses and people. Towards a paradigm shift unparalleled in human history.

This is the place for thought leaders, C-level executives and directors from all the stakeholders of the technology and telecommunications industries, to

 come together, discuss and share their expertise and thoughts about the true promises and the challenges of successful business models in the 5G era.

Time Description
8:30 - 9:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee
9:30 - 9:45 Welcome Speech - Mr. Hakam Kanafani, Chairman, Arab Advisors Group
9:45 - 10:05 Her Royal Highness Princess
Sumaya bint El Hassan Inaugural Speech
10:05 - 10:45 Panel Discussion - 5G for a Better Future: Economic Growth, Digital Inclusion, Innovation and Sustainability.
❖What is the impact of 5G technology on sustainable development, economic growth, and social well being?
❖5G as an enabler of remote education and healthcare, smart cities, and environmental monitoring.

Panelists: H.E. Ahmad Hanandeh, Minister, Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship
Mr. Philippe Mansour, CEO, Orange Jordan
Dr. Nooh Alshayab, Commissioner, TRC
10:45 - 11:00 Networking (15 minutes)
11:00 - 11:30 Presentation
Mr. Noman Waheed, CTO Middle East, Nokia
Mr. Moder Al-Zoubi, Head of Business Development Middle East, Nokia
11:30 - 11:45 Presentation
Mr. Iyad M. Mazhar, Founder & CEO, TASC Towers
11:45 - 12:15 Monetizing the advancement of 5G and the lower entry barrier to state of the art technologies
Mr. Majed Al Amine, Global Head of Google's 5G Solutions / Cross Technology Market Lead, Google
12:15 - 12:30 Presentation
Mr. Bassam Maharmeh, President, National Cyber Security Center
12:30 - 12:45 Networking (15 minutes)
12:45 - 13:30 Panel Discussion - The Business Case for 5G: Key Drivers
❖Leveraging 5G in the industry to create new business models, products, and services.
❖5G use cases: implementation and plans

Mr. Aiman Sarhan, Network Engineering Director, Orange Jordan
Mr. Thaer Abu Sneineh, Commercial Director, TASC Towers
Mr. Ahmed Ossama, Managing Partner, Digital Transformation, Foresight Consulting, Co-founder Bringy
Dr Nart Bajj, VP Wireless Access Network, Boingo
13:30 - 13:45 Presentation
Mr. Tim Peters, Senior Managing Director, Teneo
13:45 - 14:15 Presentation
Mr. Zoran Lazarevic, Chief Technology Officer of Market Area Middle East & Africa, Ericsson
14:15 - 15:00 Lunch Break (45 minutes)
15:00 - 15:15 Presentation
Mr. Jawad Abbassi, Head of MENA, GSMA
15:15 - 16:00 SPONSORED BY MANDIANT (now part of Google Cloud)
Panel Discussion - 5G Challenges and Opportunities

❖Technical challenges in 5G deployment and operations
❖The role of regulating authorities in 5G success
❖Business challenges facing the deployment of 5G networks

Moderator: Mr. Othman Al Dawamenah, Regional Manager, Mandiant (now part of Google Cloud)

Mr. Moder Al-Zoubi, Head of Business Development Middle East, Nokia
Lt.Colonel. Dr.Hamad Khalifa Al Nuaimi, Head of Telecom Division, Abu Dhabi Police
Mr. Simon Redfern, CEO of TESOBE and founder of the Open Bank Project
Mr. Farhan Abu-Leil, VP, Head of Reg Tech, Arab Bank
16:00 - 16:10 Networking (10 minutes)
16:10 - 16:30 Presentaiton
Mr. Firas Bsat, 5G E2E Program Director, Orange Jordan
16:30 - 17:10 Panel Discussion - 5G and Beyond
❖A look beyond the current implementation of 5G and the vision for next-generation wireless technologies
❖Research and development in areas such as new frequency bands, quantum communication, and AI
Mr. Ihab Hinnawi, Business Advisor
Mr. Mohammad Izzat Al Taani, Telecom Regulatory & Business Advisor
Dr. Mohammad Khaled, Safe Digital and Transformation Thought Leader, e&
17:10- 17:20 Closing Session




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