Dr. Mohammad Khaled
Safe Digital and Transformation Thought Leader



Dr. Mohammad is a futurist & technology/Business leader with 20+ years track record in the areas of Corporate Governance, Cyber Security &Resilience, Corporate Excellence & Innovation, Smart &Safe City, Digital Transformation, Future Foresight & Accelerations, Strategic Transformation, Analytics & Big Data, &Artificial Intelligence.

He is a strategic thinker, global mentor, &advisor for international companies, international technology vendors, public shares companies, both private & public sectors, with proven leadership & organizational skills in empowering high-performing technology teams. His extensive experience in corporate development including establishing, revamping, growing business and transformation, in addition to driving strategic initiatives &partnership. He has worked at several mega organizations (government, Semi Government &private) such as G42, DarkMatter, Department of Energy, ALRowad IT Solutions,Department of Finance, Abu Dhabi Police & others.

He is the Member of The Board of Advisors at Abu Dhabi University,British University in Dubai & others.

In his current role experience, he is leading large cross-functional teams to build strategic projects and initiatives on all various sectors including critical infrastructure enabling Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence for business-critical platforms for the public and private sector. He is driving strategy & deployment for A.I.,Cloud & Big data analytics solution projects to digitize services, accelerate smart & safe nations transformation, & support the efforts of critical infrastructure owners & operators to manage risks & achieve security and resilience.

He is on the Board of Advisors –Faculty of Engineering & IT Programs, British University in Dubai, Board of Advisors –Computer Engineering, Abu Dhabi University, Adjunct Professor for Doctorate and MBA, Abu Dhabi University, Mentor- Technology Fellowship Program, Arab Youth Center.

His articles have been features in several publications like BYOD Technological: Next Generation Business Development Programs for Future Accelerations, Innovations & Employee Happiness, International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Governance, Risk & Compliance for IoT, International Journal of New Technology and Research, Evaluating & Measuring Governmental Smart and online Service in Terms of the Quality - The Case Study of UAE, International Journal of Enhanced Research in Science, Technology & Engineering &more.

He holds a PhD in Computer Science:British University in Dubai, Master’s in Engineering Management:ALHOSN University.




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